If there’s one thing we know about ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth, the veteran actor who not long back announced his political entry always conveys his appreciation to the deserving.

Rajinikanth at the Chennai International Airport

Recently, a young 7 year old boy named Mohammad Yasin hailing from Erode had found Rs. 50,000/- lying on the ground, which he immediately took to a nearby police station and handed over with the incident eventually coming to the notice of Rajinikanth.

Having said that, Rajinikanth in a press conference yesterday (July 15) stated Mohammad Yasin’s gesture was quite humble and that he would be taking care of the education expenses of the young boy throughout his life.

A smiling Rajinikanth

A perfect example for how a good deed will fetch you a reward and no better person that Rajinikanth to exemplify it.

Rajinikanth at 2 Point 0 event

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