Yesterday saw ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth visit the victims of the recent shootout at the sterlite protests in Tuticorin. After announcing relief funds of Rs. 2 lakhs to the families of the deceased and Rs. 10000/- for those injured, the actor turned politician had returned to Chennai and took part in an interaction with the media.

Speaking to press persons, Rajinikanth stated, "Recent times have seen many anti-social elements invade the state and the Government should do everything to find them out as they are the reason behind the violence that erupted during the Sterlite protest. Furthermore, people should understand protesting for every issue will only lead Tamil Nadu to the graveyard".

Some netizens began drawing comparisons to one of the major themes in Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Kaala, which feature the actor mouthing lines that call for people to turn to protesting for their rights.

To the question how he knew anti-social elements were the reason behind the violence at the Sterlite and Jallikattu protests, Rajinikanth simply stated, "Don’t ask me how I know these anti-social elements are responsible. I just know. I want to make clear that any form of violence against the police is not something I will support and I want the government to unmask these people at the earliest".

Similarly, earlier in the day yesterday at Tuticorin during his visit to the victims of last week’s protest shootout, one of the injured questioned Rajinikanth as to who he was leading to the actor responding saying, "I am Rajinikanth". Following this, the youngster queried where Rajinikanth had come from to which the star said, "I am coming from Chennai". This immediately prompted the youth to question him, "Does it take 100 days to come to Tuticorin from Chennai?". Multiple hashtags on social networking forums began trending yesterday namely #BoycottKaala and #a®¨a®¾a®©a¯a®¤a®¾a®©a¯a®ªa®¾a®°a®a®¿a®©a®¿a®•a®¾a®¨a¯a®¤a¯ throughout the day.

All these developments yesterday have now gone on to paint a negative image on Rajinikanth and there is some talk as to whether the box office performance of his Kaala could get affected.

As stated in one of Rajinikanth's earlier speeches, "Politics is no easy game".

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