Director Radhamohan is known for his amazingly unique works. Be it an action packed thriller like Payanam or the exceptionally breezy Mozhi, he makes films that leaves a mark in the minds of audience.

This time, Brindhavanam features Arulnidhi in a role similar to Jyothika in Mozhi. He can’t speak and every emotion has to be conveyed through his actions.

“Jyothika is educated in that movie and had a strong persona. She is confident and can reject anyone. However, Brindhavanam explores the life of a hair dresser who is deaf and dumb. He comes across his favorite comedy actor Vivek and impressed by his dedication, the comedian tries to help him in his life,” clarifies Radhamohan.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, click here to watch it to know an outline of the plot. Let’s it’s another memorable outing for the filmmaker.