It has been a tough and challenging time for the Tamil film industry over the past few days after the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) had announced that all film-related works ought to be brought to an indefinite halt starting March 16, 2018.

The reason behind such a decision is as a result of the TFPC citing the rates being quoted by the QUBE providers to be too high. QUBE has now come out with an official statement in light of keeping the film business on proper track for the entire industry to continue to thrive.

Their press release is as follows: 

"Dear Theatre Owners, Producers and Distributors, Mar 12, 2018

In the interest of cinema, cinema lovers, the Tamil film industry and the huge amount of money locked in finished productions, we hereby request the Tamil Film Producers Council not to stop releases and we hereby request theatres to reopen. This is a critical time for cinema to compete with online platforms and lack of releases can work against the medium and break the movie-going habit of our audiences. We give below, our new discounted rates as agreed to with The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and the Joint Action Committee of the South Indian Film Industry where we negotiated in good faith that it was with the entire film industry.

E-Cinema Option

Week 1:     Rs. 290/show

Week 2:     Rs. 250/show

Week 3:     Rs. 200/show

Week 4:     Rs. 100/show

Week 5:     Rs. 75/show

*Earlier 325 per show


Option 2*

Rs. 275/show capped at Rs. 20,000 maximum


Full Run Flat: Rs. 21,750**

Per Show: Rs. 450

Week 1: Rs. 10,750

Week 2: Rs.  8,550

Week 3: Rs.  6,350

Week 4: Rs.  4,000

Week 5: Rs.  2,000

**was 27,500

We have checked the VPF payable for numerous films in Tamil and Telugu released in 2017 and found that the discount works out to between 18% and 23% on actuals paid under the old VPF structure and the new structure.

It is our earnest request that producers agreeable to these new rates may be allowed to come forth and release their films.

Here, we would like to emphasize that we are in no way opposing an entry of a new digital service provider. We welcome competition and are ready to compete with them with our high-quality products and services. In the last two years, three new service providers have entered this space in Tamil Nadu and more are welcome to join.

We as a company have always acted in the interest of the industry and will always continue to do so.

Best Regards,

All of us at Qube Cinema Technologies".

We will now have to wait and see how the Tamil Film Producers Council responds.