Film entertaining company PVR Cinemas group on Friday opened their prestigious Ten screens at V R Mall, Anna Nagar. The mall which has some amazing interior decorations can be matched with the best in the world assures a world-class film watching experience.





Three screens were open the to public from 12th October night shows.



Auditorium seating details at VR Mall - PVRCinemas

1) Audi 01(pxl)- 444No.

2) Audi 02- 177No.

3) Audi 03- 366No.

4) Audi 04- 388No.

5) Audi 05- 450No.

6) Audi 06- 190No.

7) Audi 07- 126No.

8) Audi 08- 115No.

9) Audi 09- 136No.

10)Audi 10- 202No.

Total no. of seating - 2594Nos.