We all know the tug of war between actor Vishal and the Producers Council after the former criticised the council in a magazine interview. Following this, Vishal was banned from the council but filed a suit against the ban in the High Court. Then, the actor has submitted an affidavit stating that he regrets the spat and it was not intentional. "I state that I had only expressed my personal views, may be in a slightly strong manner but without any ulterior motive or intention to hurt anyone or create any controversy and ill-will. I convey my regrets to all concerned if any of my statements have hurt anyone, because that was not my intention. I request that my temporary suspension may be revoked and that my normal membership may be restored," the affidavit said.

Now, the latest is that the actor's apology has been rejected by the Council and the court has postponed the next hearing on Jan 10. If things are not settled amicably, then Vishal cannot take part in the upcoming Producers Council elections on Feb 5.