After the success of Neram and Premam, director Alphonse Putharen is one of the sought-after actors in the industry. He has announced that he is ready with his third script which will be a straight Tamil film. He also posted pre-requisites on his social media page. His post read, “Puthuma yethum illaatha moonavathu thirai padam aarambikka poren.

1) Intha vaatti padathila nadikka... Paattu Paadavum Nadikkavum therinja oru ponna thaedugirom... Carnatic music therinja santhosham...yenaa engalkku theriyaathu Vayasu 16 - 26

2) Assistant director's 2 pera thaedugirom. 1 boy and 1 girl. Unmaya irukkanum, Tamizh kandippa theriyanum..ippo naan ezhutheerkura tamizhum(tamizh in english), englishum puriyara aalaarkanum... avlo thaan naanga thedra quality.

Padathila nadikkirathum work panrathum yaar yaar endru naan aprama solren Padam tamizh thaan.

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#Note...Photo anuppuna mattum...paattu paadrathu theriyaathu...nyaabagam vechukkunga :P . Photoshopukku badhla pitch correctionum reverbellaampodaantheenga... Naanga cinemala irukkom....Engalkkum software theriyum

I'm going to start working on the third film which has nothing new in it :D

This time we are looking for a girl who knows to SING and ACT. age 16 - 26 About the film cast andcrew I will update later :) The film will be in Tamizh language.

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#Note...If you sent photos alone I wouldn't understand whether you sing ornot . Please don't pitch correct or touch it with a software...We are from cinema... We also know to use softwares :D

Im putting this post in english because god knows if a girl like Shreya goshal approaches...she will sing in tamizh right Waiting your responses : Alphonse Puthren”