Pravinkanth's Thullal comes to a close

Director Pravinkanth is acting as hero in Thullal. This story is about a man who does not have a cordial family relationship with his wife. He is unable to enjoy a normal family life and touch her even after marriage. He is a person who can woo women very easily and make them fall in his trap. He satisfied his sexual thirst even when he was in love. With the help of his love, he came in contact with another woman whom he married. But his married life was a total topsy turvy. He never had any pleasure with his wife. A song for this film was shot in AVM studios for which Pravin and Preethi Varma danced beautifully. Krishnadev and Sekar Somesh are producing this film on behalf of Girudev Art. Pravinkanth is the hero and the director for this movie.