<p> Pop Singer Arjun from England has sung a special song for <em>Vaaliba Raj</em>a. Directed by Sethu Gokul Ramanath, the film stars Sethu and Santhanam in lead roles, the duo has already teamed-up for <em>Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya</em>. Radhan, who composes music for the film, wanted Arjun for the special song &#39;Achchacho Achchacho don&#39;t you worry&#39;, as this song is the highlight of the film. Radhan has also written the song.</p> <p> Also, the composer has brought several hit songs from 10 films together in one single track, which has been sung by Gana Bala. The song was pictured on Sethu and Santhanam.</p>