Ganesha Meendum Santhipom is an upcoming film starring Prithvi Rajan, Devika Nambiyar, Singam Puli, I M Vijayan and one of the biggest sensational stars of Bigg Boss, Oviya is also part of this big venture. Oviya stars in the movie as Oviya herself. GMS is written and directed by Ratheesh Erate and is produced by Arun Vikraman Krishnan. Music for the film is done by NLG Sibi.  

Actress Oviya was last seen in her adult film titled 90Ml directed by Anita Udeep which went on to perform a decent number at the box office. The tunes for the project was composed by STR pushing it to earn a huge level of reception among the audience.

Now the makers of Ganesha Meendum Santhipom have released the official trailer of the film and it sure does look very interesting. Definitely another visual treat for all the Oviya fans.

Check out the trailer below!