Actress Oviya is at present one of the biggest stars in the Tamil film industry after her stint in the popular TV reality show, Bigg Boss, last year.

The actress subsequently went on to see a surge in the number of films that came her way starting with Raghava Lawrence’s Muni 4: Kanchana 3, K2 aka. Kalavani 2, 90ML and an extended cameo in Vishnu Vishal’s Silukkuvarupatti Singam.

Oviya had earlier this week participated in the opening ceremony of the second season of Bigg Boss to pretty much everybody’s surprise before it was revealed to the audience she was not a contestant.

Meanwhile, Oviya took to her Twitter page moments back to share her thoughts on what she considers to be the most important aspect in life that everybody ought to follow.

Oviya went on to state neither money nor fame can bring much happiness as it's only for self satisfaction and self validation and that people should stop fighting for it by spreading love.

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