Congrats to Vikram Prabhu, director Ashok Kumar and the rest of the Neruppuda team. The movie has been receiving great reviews from fans and critics. It has survived the first weekend with great box office returns.

Starring Vikram Prabhu and Nikki Galrani, Neruppuda surrounds the life of five firefighters who live in a regular housing board colony. Their dedication to their job is commendable. Debutant director Ashok has deftly drawn up these characters, after doing proper research in the department of fire-fighting. “Generally, film makers avoid using fire even in a small sequence in a film because fire is dangerous and very unpredictable. One just cannot be hundred percent sure that it can be contained. Most often fire sequences are completed only with the help of CG. But in the case of Neruppuda 95% of the fire that you see in the movie is real fire. I was particular about that. We not only took precautions to protect our team but also the environment,” asserts Ashok Kumar who is now basking in the success of his debut movie.

Neruppuda is running towards being a mega hit and the credits goes to the actors, the racey making and the suspenseful climax.