Vignesh Shivn and Nayantara have been the happening couple in Kollywood in recent times as every picture of them becomes viral on social media whenever Vignesh Shivn posts them on his Instagram. The pair never failed to awestruck us with their unparalleled love for each other. 





In an exclusive interview with Galatta, Vignesh Shivn opened up about Nayantara and also about their marriage plans.





Vignesh Shivn opened about Nayantara for the first time and said, “I am very happy and proud to know such a person. Even as a person she is an inspiring character. As a woman, the things she went through, the sadness and she knows how to balance those things and what she needs to work towards. I doubt that anyone would have such confidence. She is a very strong human being. I respect her a lot”



Speaking about his experience working with Nayantara in Naanum Rowdy Dhaa’, Vignesh Shivn said, “My confidence was really low as I was directing after a four-year break. I was hesitant to ask for a correction or a retake as she was a big artist. Then Nayantara called me and said, ‘You are the director here. If you ask me to stand upside down, I will do it That is my job so if you hesitate to tell me the corrections it is a minus for me only so if you need a retake or any other correction you can tell me boldly because it is my job to sit here and act until you say. So don't think too much and work freely’ I was so relaxed after that.”



When asked about their marriage, Vignesh Shivn said, “I don’t know. If I know I will tell you, Should ask Nayantara first. I will tell about my marriage after asking my mom”



Here is the interview video: