Nadhiya with 9 youngsters

Nadhiya, who made a wonderful comeback through M. Kumaran S/o Mahalakshmi has 9 youngsters acting with in her next movie, which is about 9 schoolgoing youngsters and their lives. Their carefree lives, mischievous actions and their little sorrows are the highlights of the film.

Nadiya plays an important character as the school's correspondent and psychiatrist in the movie produced by director Linguswamy under the banner of Tirupathi Brothers. Nadhiya, who always keeps her youthfulness and naughtiness alive, is quite happy to accept a film which has many youngsters.

Roshan Kumar, director, is a former assistant of Priyadarshan and Santhosh Sivan. He has also won a National Award for his short movie, Paramapadham.

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