Mallika’s secrets revealed

With the arrival of Mallika, the tastes of Tamil men are slightly changing. An hour-glass figure is the latest craze in a state that was obsessed with “plump beauties”. Every one in Tamil Nadu is besotted with Mallika ever since they saw her in Dasavathaaram. Men are crazy about her, which is not at all surprising. In a short span of time, her fame has reached a point where her Hindi films are being dubbed in Tamil. Everyone yearns to see this beauty with a perfect hour-glass figure in Tamil cinema. And everyone is going crazy, curious to know how she maintains her figure!

Well, her lifestyle is definitely not easy! She follows a simple diet system until she is filming; she stays on a normal diet like roti and sabzi (chapathi and vegetables) plus some protein supplement and does not consume anything that contains fat. She follows a high-intensity cardio programme and has a special trainer to assist her. A nutritionist watches over her diet to make sure she gets vital nutrients and enough protein.

The most difficult diet is followed when she is filming for special photo sessions and scenes that involve a lot of skin show like the famous “bikini act”. At these times, she consumes an all-fruit diet. She does not eat anything apart from fruits and plenty of water. If it is the season for mangoes, she consumes mangoes and water. If it is not, in a day, she consumes five or six glasses of sweet lime juice and a medium-sized watermelon! She eats nothing apart from this! All this hardly amounts to about 800 to 900 calories (falling well short of basal metabolic requirement!) as watermelon has negligible calorific value.

Over a period of time, she has attained perfect synchronization between her body and mind. She knows exactly when and what to eat to replenish vital nutrients and bodybuilding protein, and when to eat less and burn the fat in her body.

It is also heard that she prefers drinking Evian mineral water (water from the springs of Switzerland), which is claimed to have medicinal properties and is touted to be a powerful detoxification agent.

Warning: No one should attempt to copy this diet. Everybody is unique; what suits Mallika might not suit you and vice versa. And she has a personal trainer and a nutritionist helping her out with her diet and exercise regimen.

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