There have been many instances in the past where celebrities have been involved in drug abuse with the supply for the banned substances being provided to them from the outside on many occasions.

This time, however, Malayalam actress Aswathy Babu has been arrested by the Kerala police for the possession of the MDMA drug with a search revealing the banned party drug estimate price said to be around several lakh rupees.

Based on a tip off, the 22-year-old Aswathy Babu and her driver Binoy Abraham were arrested at her flat in Kochi after it found they were reportedly in possession of 58 grams of the psychedelic party drug and were waiting to supply it. Hailing from Chingavanam in Kottayam, she had been taking up minor TV roles and had rented a flat in DD Golden Gate at Palachuvadu, which is where she was caught by the cops after observing her for the past few weeks regarding the possession of the illegal drug.

Aswathy Babu