On June 10, the untimely demise of the playwright, comedian and screenwriter Crazy Mohan shocked the film fraternity and his fans. There were false news doing rounds on the internet that he was earlier a BP patient and had diabetes. In order to clarify the rumors surrounding his death, Maadhu Balaji released a video. In the video he said that he had met Crazy Mohan early in the morning, post their routines and insisted clearly that he was not a patient of BP or diabetes and that he was healthier.

Apparently around 9:45 Maadhu Balaji was contacted  by Crazy Mohan saying he was suffocating. Balaji then, transported him from the residence to Kauveri hospital and the doctor's team tried reviving him. Later, Crazy Mohan later experienced a massive heart attack. Finally, Maadhu Balaji concluded requesting people to refrain from spreading false news and that hos death was sudden.