Lights, camera with Richard M. Nathan: Galatta exclusive

A cinematographer is the cameraman who designs and composes each scene as it is being shot. Here we bring you an exclusive interview with cinematographer Richard M. Nathan, who made his debut with Vasanthabalan's Angaadi Theru.

So how did he get his first film? "After assisting KV sir I took my show reel and approached many directors. One day Vasanthabalan called me and gave an assignment (to shoot Ranganathan street for a whole day). He was highly impressed with my work and that's how I got my first film," he said.

Angaadi Theru is definitely a turning pointing in his career. "Vasanthabalan likes to make realistic film; we shot the whole film with natural lighting and we also used hidden cameras to get the realistic feel," he revealed. He further added, "In Baana Kathaadi, shooting interiors was a big challenge."

The cameraman is currently busy with K.V. Anand's Ko. "It's a special feeling to work as a cinematographer for KV sir'sKo," he said.

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