On June 9th a video of Pa. Ranjith speaking defamatory of king RajaRaja Chozhan, stating that his "Golden Period" as the darkest period for "them". He also added that his land was snatched during his reign and opened gates to caste oppression. Due to the same, the hash tag "pray for mental ranjith" was trending yesterday (11th June). And the BJP ex- MLA H. Raja condemned his speech stating that both K. Veeramani and Pa. Ranjith are agents of Joshua Project which is a Christianity based conversion organization.

Addressing these 2 known figures' statement, the actor/ director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan wrote on her twitter, "Humble request to @HRajaBJP @beemji Nobody can deny the oppression & discrimination, but that is not only about caste & creed! We need to identify real problem areas instead of adding to hurt, hatred & spite. It is just a matter of shedding EGOS & working towards a common goal". Check out the tweet below.