Kutti Shwetha’s contribution to Eelam Tamils

Everyone in India, particularly every Tamil, is trying to be of some help to the Eelam Tamils, whose lives are torn apart by the ongoing Lankan civil war.�Kollywood too conducted mass protests and tried to create public awareness about the crisis in Sri Lanka. Recently, Kalaivendan directed a short film, aimed to generate awareness about the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils; interestingly, every actor of the film opted to work without�pay, including Shwetha, its protagonist, who dedicated the maximum time for this film.

Though Shwetha deems this is a very small help, it has�focused the spotlight on her. This talented actress�won a National Award as a child artist twice – first for Malli and then for Kutti (also spelt as Kutty). In Malli, she played a tribal girl and in Kutti, she portrayed the emotions of a domestic�servant�beautifully. It will not be long before this beautiful actress will leave an everlasting impression on mainstream cinema.

Titled Pulam Eelam, the short film speaks about the origins and rights of Tamils; the film ends with a dramatic climax, where the entire Tamil diaspora returns to its homeland! Though talented director Kalaivendan’s only aim is to spread awareness about Tamils and their rights through this film, he is sure to end up winning several awards.

A while ago, filmmaker Pradeepan’s short film En Veettin Muttrathil Oru Maamaram – which was about the Lankan crisis and how it affects the life of children of Tamil origin – became the first Tamil film to compete in the Berlin International Film Festival.