<p> <em>Kudiarasu</em>:�Underdog winner</p> <p> Here is a film &ndash; with no star power, no big publicity gimmicks, no hi-fi special effects &ndash; which still managed to walk away with�viewers&#39; hearts. Fast-paced and exhilarating, <em>Kudiarasu</em>�is pure entertainment for 2 hours. Gaining popularity after a good opening today, <em>Kudiarasu</em> has been�termed by film critics as the underdog winner! All the excitement starts right from the word go! After all, the film is directed by a kickboxing champion! Yes! Shabir Hussain, the two-time national kickboxing champion, is the director of <em>Kudiarasu</em>.</p> <p> Inspired by the Watergate Scandal, where journalists exposed the then US president Richard Nixon&rsquo;s misuse of his political powers, <em>Kudiarasu</em> speaks about an exciting day in the life of a journalist when he exposes an unscrupulous politician. Having played competitive kickboxing matches all his life, anticipating his opponents&rsquo; next move always, Shabir has become a master of intuition. In <em>Kudiarasu</em>, he has used his intuition to the best effect and has made the film exciting. Expectedly,�the film&rsquo;s stunts are truly spectacular. It sure helps to have a kickboxer�as director of an action-thriller! Shabir has worked with stunt choreographer Davasiraj to provide some spectacular stunts. All this excitement has been enhanced by Karthik Raja&#39;s superb background score.</p> <p> Lead actor Vigneshwaran has done his part beautifully.�The film also stars Suguna, Nizhalgal Ravi and Sethu Vinayagan. Replete with subtle humour, exciting screenplay, spectacular stunts, and not compromising in glamour, <em>Kudiarasu</em> is a real treat to movie lovers.</p> <p> PS: The film&rsquo;s producer Suresh Krishna is the 2006 national kickboxing champion and another producer Satya is also a kickboxer!</p>