There have been many famous clashes in the world of cinema and most common amongst those are the clashes over stories being copied and similar titles. Earlier today, it was announced that Sivakarthikeyan's film with Irumbuthirai director PS Mithran had been titled Hero. This announcement was given out by the movie's producer KJR Studios. Almost immediately there came another announcement that Vijay Deverakonda's upcoming multilingual movie with Kuttrame Thandanai director Anand Annamalai, produced by Mythri Movie Makers, had also been titled Hero.

Once it became apparent that both these movies were going for the same title, the Vijay Deverakonda movie team released photos of receipts from the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council for getting the title Hero renewed. This receipt was under the name of Tribal Arts M. Manikandan and showed that they had extended the rights till 14-06-2019!

Very shortly, SK 15 producer KJR Studios released photos of a letter, on the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council letterhead, stating that the rights for the title Hero were being held by KJR Studios!

Following this virtual war, we got in touch with Kotapadi J Rajesh, of KJR Studios, to obtain some clarity. He very strongly stated that they were the ones holding the title rights and also added, "They (Vijay Deverakonda's movie team) do not have the rights. What they have is just a worthless piece of paper. We have authentic proof to show that the title is ours!" However, we are unable to reach the opposite team to obtain their views on this controversy. Stay tuned for further updates!