Khushboo, Reema Sen, Shilpa Shetty issued warrants

Obscene pictures of film actresses coming in papers, magazines and on the Internet have become a very common issue. The artists are not to be blamed. The court has issued a warrant for Reema Sena and Shilpa Shetty regarding the obscene pictures issue. Obscene pictures of famous actresses Reema Sen and Shilpa Shetty were published earlier in the Tamil Murasu newspaper. A case was filed in the 2nd judicial magistrate court. This case came to hearing yesterday. As Shilpa Shetty had a shooting scheduled in Mumbai, she did not appear for the hearing. The judge Seetharaman issued a warrant to Reema Sen and the case is postponed to June. Yet another case was filed against Khushboo regarding the old story of her comments published in India Today. This case also came for hearing yesterday. Judge Seetharaman issued a warrant for Khushboo and the case is postponed for the 2nd of June.