Karunas happy with comedy roles

Karunas wowed audiences with his sensitive portrayal of a man with less-than-average looks with a beautiful wife in Dindigul Sarathy. A very simple human being in real life, Karunas is one who does not forget his roots. Introduced in Nanda by director Bala, Karunas skyrocketed to fame with his portrayal of� 'Lodukku Pandi'.

Dindigul Sarathy was sold for a whopping Rs. 10 crores within Tamil Nadu itself, a fact that speaks volumes about distributors' faith in the comedian-turned-hero. But due to the many rumours in Kollywood that Karunas is now refusing to accept comedy roles, he has come forward to clarify his position.

The dark-skinned comedian said recently that character and comedy roles that gave life to his career will always be close to his heart. If he�accepts any lead roles, those roles would have to meet the standards of Dindigul Sarathy. Karunas assured his fans and well-wishers that money or fame would never play a part in�his decisions about his acting career.

Galatta.com wishes the humble Karunas a very good future as a comedy hero!