Kallachirippu is a Zee5 original web series produced by renowned director Karthik Subbaraj’s Stone Bench Pictures. It is an emotional crime thriller starring Amrutha Srinivasan in the lead role.

Amrutha Srinivasan accidentally murders her husband, six months after their marriage. She tries to hide the body and crime she committed from the outside world. What happens in this process and backstories of the incident forms the remaining play.

The writing is just excellent in every aspect, the maturity level and thought process that exist deserve plenty of awards. The raw treatment considering the freedom of taking a web series is commendable. Master storytelling is the ultimate word to express the narration pattern shown. The way the threads have been untied in the progression is sure to provide frequent shocks.

Direction is fabulous as the style in which things are conveyed is more or less mind-blowing. Different characters are sketched in a realistic manner with no-nonsense stuff, the confused knots have been clearly explained as the script travels. Flow is absolutely gripping with many unpredictable twists which are revealed towards the end of every episode. Dialogues act as pillar of strength to the situations, they convey the mood of the characters wonderfully.

Coming to the performances, Amrutha Srinivasan is terrific in her role. She features as a bold natural woman Mahathi, her character will remain in hearts for a very long time. Not only her’s, almost all the other characters create a major difference to the progress. Lot of controversial and complicated relationships have been handled beautifully.

It concentrates on its content, no deviations or anything to bore us out. Various perspectives have been delivered neatly by giving proper justifications. Also, the product is reality check and it covers up our world’s stupid social values cleverly. It even conveys life lessons in a non-preachy way. But few portions in beginning, had certain double meaning spilling which could have been shown more smartly.

The past, present and future play with the marriage date is epic. It has been fused in quality manner. The deaths are accidental, but the mode could have been varied especially near the climax area. That make us question about the work of the art department. Also there is a minute cinematic touch in one or two places, however they were funny to watch, the mindset was odd.

Even Amrutha’s lawyer role has a purpose and do create an impact to the stunning execution. The feel was awkward when our artists deliver bad words in English, on the flip side the words in Tamil easily gel along. A major character’s behaviour during a crucial opening scene is inappropriate (the truth is shown later).

Mom and daughter emotions stand out. Gay community’s sentiment is shown in a positive way. Selfishness of parents just for the sake of general public’s comment has so much details. There are many superior nuances that are showcased with mighty purposes, also the factor heats up the watching experience. Climax is tightly packed with the rightful ending.

Camera work is great, the angles and lighting elevate the visual engagement. Editing is exceptional, the watertight non-linear narrative is presented in a fulfilling way. Music is also powerful, the tunes go well with the situations and silently leftover portions works too.

VERDICT - Merely a perfect thriller that is bold, smart and gripping with master storytelling and incalculable twists.

Rating - 3.5/ 5.

Watch this fascinating web series Kallachirippu here.