Karthigai Press meet

Malavika walked out of Karthigai citing harassment by producer Anjaneya. We only got to hear Malavika’s side of the story so far. But now, Veera, director of Karthigai, convened a press meet to release his version.

He thanked the Nadigar Sangam, Mr. Sarathkumar and Mr. Radha Ravi for intervening and holding talks with the actress and trying out to sort out the problem.

He said that the producer is a very considerate man unlike what Malavika had portrayed. He has a clean record; he has worked with several top heroines in Tollywood and has never ill-treated any actress. He said neither he or any one on the set is inhuman enough to ill-treat a pregnant lady.

Veera and producer Anjaneya decided to move the shooting to Kodaikanal as this hill station is cooler and conducive for a pregnant lady to work. But Malavika rejected the location even after the producer had made all the arrangements. She asked them to choose from the options she gave them – Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai. The producer chose Hyderabad and wrapped up the Kodaikanal shooting phase in 10 days, which cost him dearly.

Veera said that Malavika is highly uncooperative when it comes to work. Even after all arrangements had been made for her to work safely and confortably, she created new troubles on the set and finally walked out.

To learn more about this, please view the video.

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