One of the most multi-talented stars in south India, Raghava Lawrence will next be seen in the upcoming film, Muni 4: Kanchana 3, a Tamil-Telugu bilingual with its trailer released earlier today to a rousing reception.

Speaking at the Kanchana 3 Telugu trailer launch, Raghava Lawrence spoke extensively about the Kanchana series and said this fourth film in the Muni franchise will include a social message as his previous ventures. He also expressed his gratitude to God saying the success of the series is because of his grace. He then went on to reveal that he had no idea initially there would be 3 films in the series after the first one and that it is a surprise to him too.

Raghava Lawrence then expressed his desire to go on to make more films till Kanchana 10 as no other franchise in Indian cinema has achieved the feat and by God’s grace is hopeful to achieve the milestone someday. He also made a special reference about Kovai Sarala saying the audience would not accept the films without Kovai Sarala and has stated the big success achieved would not have been possible without the trio of the veteran comedian, Devadharshini and Sriman.

While talking about his older look in the trailer, Raghava Lawrence assured fans will enjoy the transformation on the big screen and added saying it was easier for him to act as he created the character. Furthermore, when queried if the film would feature the ghosts of Muni and Kanchana, the dancing superstar teased fans by keeping the mystery alive saying he wants the audience to witness for themselves and enjoy it.