Makkal Needhi Maiam President Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan, promptly, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, came up with a campaigning video, wherein he was seen watching a TV and breaks it on listening the other political parties campaigning and voicing false promises.

Since he was denied from campaigning at Sulur on 17th May, Kamal Haasan had come up with another video, appealing to the people of Tamil Nadu with an incident that stirs our emotions. In the video we could sight Kamal visiting Kaliappan's family, who was killed on the streets during the sterlite protesters' shootout in 2018. Kaliappan's sisters were crying and venting their grief to Kamal, questioning him on why Pollachi sexual abuse criminals were let free, whilst their innocent brother who went to collect his salary was killed.

Subsequently, Kamal had said in the video that, he does not have an answer to their righteous question. He also criticized that the people behind the Sterlite shootout, were shamelessly campaigning for votes, at the same area now. He concludes that the people of Tamil Nadu should gear up for the changes on May 23rd. The video ends with a TV which was broken by him in the earlier video, being replaced by a new one and similarly, Tamil Nadu people must change the government on May 23.