Kamal Haasan made a huge announcement on Friday and revealed that he will be doing Thevar Magan 2 after completing Indian 2 with Shankar. The announcement was a sweet surprise to many and fans were very much eager to see Kamal Haasan with his iconic mustache from Thevar Magan.



The announcement created some contrasting debates among fans as the title is related to casteism.  And now as a major turn of events, Kamal Haasan has said that the venture will not be titled 'Thevar Magan 2'



Kamal Haasan who returned from his political tour has a meet with the press outside the airport. When he came across the question about the venture, Kamal said, "I didn't say it is the title. I just indicated that title just for a reference. I haven't decided the title yet. That will not be the title for sure."



About the movie dealing with casteism, Kamal answered, "The film will have things about caste extermination. I don't believe in casts. You can't do a movie about caste extermination without talking about caste."