In yet another viral story this year, a Rakesh Unni, a rubber plantation worker hailing from Kerala won the hearts of the people after he had done his own rendition of the hit “Unnai Kaanadha” song from Kamal Haasan’s 2013 blockbuster, Vishwaroopam, which was originally sung by Shankar Mahadevan. 

Rakesh Unni’s rendition was first brought to the attention of Shankar Mahadevan, who requested the Twitterati to let him know any details about the budding and talented singer.

Soon after, director Vignesh ShivN was provided with details of Rakesh Unni, who then shared them with with Shankar Mahdevan on Twitter.

Meanwhile, yesterday saw Rakesh Unni in the presence of Kamal Haasan and the aspiring singer didn’t let go of the opportunity showcasing his full potential by once again singing the “Unnai Kaanadha” song, which not only drew an astounding response from all those who were gathered, but a genuine appreciation from the Vishwaroopam 2 star himself.

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