It is always a delightful sight to see two superstars sharing a stage together. Yesterday, July 3rd was one such memorable day when Kamal Haasan and Chiyaan Vikram lit up the trailer launch event of Kadaram Kondan. Both the stars had some nice words to share about one another. Kamal, as we know, is a perfectionist and it is a rarity to see him admire and appreciate the acting skills of a counterpart. At yesterday’s event, Kamal Haasan was all praise for Vikram.

Here are 7 points made by Kamal Haasan that will make any Chiyaan fan proud:

1. Kamal Haasan’s prediction on Vikram in 1992!

“I was super impressed with Vikram’s performance when PC Sreeram showed me his film Meera (1992). I told him this guy is very confident and he is going to be a superstar one day. I didn’t know him but the confidence with which he looked up and faced the camera, that’s something that cannot be taught, it has to come from within.”

2. Vikram’s success story was delayed!

“Vikram had to wait for several years to taste his first success, I didn’t like the time it took for Vikram to become Chiyaan Vikram. He should have been celebrated much before; Vikram should have had a successful film like Sethu years before then when it happened. I am telling this as a writer and a director.”

3. Kamal’s jealousy over Vikram’s acting!

“Vikram is now a big star, he has so many successful films in his kitty, and he is the darling of the masses. From Meera to Kadaram Kondan, quite a journey is it not? I have always had this habit of appreciating good acting, of course, I will be jealous but that will never stop me from lavishing praise on them. I feel happy to see Vikram perform so well and it is only a double delight when it is for Raaj Kamal Films International.”

4. Kadaram Kondan is a must watch for Vikram!

“There is one popular term in English called ‘panache,’ Vikram has got that flamboyant style and he has put that to good use in Kadaram Kondan. I will be overjoyed when I see a good film, no matter who the actor or producer may be. I have felt bad for not producing good films. I am proud and happy to have produced a good film like Kadaram Kondan. I generally criticize a lot and used to pinpoint at each and every minute mistake but I didn’t have any such issues with this film and thoroughly enjoyed watching Kadaram Kondan as a fan. I am not saying this to boost the business of the film. I will anyway be satisfied with the returns that the film will get me.”

5. From Chiyaan to KK, Kamal Haasan’s prediction!

“Out of the 45 films that I have produced, very few have given me the satisfaction level that Kadaram Kondan has given me. Just like how people remember Vikram as Chiyaan even after 20 years of Sethu’s release, the audience will remember his character KK as well for many more years to come.”

6. Vikram on par with Hollywood standards!

“Just like Vikram said, Kadaram Kondan was like watching a Hollywood film. Not just the film, even your hero (Chiyaan) looks like a Hollywood star. He sets the perfect example on how a hero should be- ‘andha pursha latchanam iruku.’

7. Kamal Haasan compares Vikram with Sivaji Ganesan

"A good actor should never be intimidated by the performance of his co-star, he should give that space and confidence for them to excel. They say Sivaji dominates his co-star while acting. No! definitely not; he is someone who lets good actors take the center stage. For example, in Thiruvilaiyadal, Sivaji was happy to sit back and enjoy watching Nagesh score all the brownie points because he had that confidence in himself. I see the same confidence in Vikram."