As with any film release these days, producers, directors and celebrities face the biggest brunt in the form of video piracy and the same can be said with Karthi’s Kadai Kutty Singam.

Karthi and Sayyeshaa in Kadai Kutty Singam

Released yesterday under Suriya’s 2D Entertainment banner and directed by with music by D. Imman, Kadai Kutty Singam also stars Sathyaraj, Sayyesha, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Soori, Arthana among others.

Suriya Sathyaraj Priya Bhavani Shankar Arthana In Kadai Kutty Singam

With the film now out along with its Telugu version, Chinna Babu, Suriya took to his Twitter page a short while back requesting fans to mail the links of pirated copies of Kadai Kutty Singam, which he states will be dealt with immediately.

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