Jyothirmayi in Vedigundu Murugesan

Jyothirmayi, one of the upcoming heroines in Kollywood, was recently married to Nishanth, her high-school buddy. Though we hardly see her in�Tamil films nowadays, Jyothirmayi says she has been keeping herself busy with films in other language films. Vedigundu Murugesan, directed by Murthy of Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar fame, will be her next release in Tamil.

Pasupathy plays Murugesan, a water lorry driver with a�great fondness�for literature. A happy-go-lucky guy, Murugesan’s literary tastes are quite a contrast to his work. Jyothirmayee is Naachiyaar, a police constable who stresses on doing things perfectly and by the rule book. These two contrasting characters find one thing common between them which later blooms into love. Jyothirmayi signed up for the film after listening to the narration of two vital scenes. Let us hope that with the success of this romantic comedy, we will get to see more of Jyothirmayi in Kollywood.