India first Space film Tik Tik Tik had very high expectations before release as the posters, teaser and trailers were pretty impressive.

Initially, it was supposed to release in January for the Republic Day week. Unfortunately, due to financial issues, it was postponed and came out to theatres on 22nd June.

Movie managed a huge worldwide release. Opened up with mixed reviews from critics, but the feedback was mostly positive from the general public. However, everyone appreciated it for the unique attempt.

Film got great reception from family audience and put up a good total to its first weekend box-office. Not only that, Tik Tik Tik continued to perform well at all centres even after that.

Due to lack of quality content in Tamil Cinema for the past two weeks with Asuravadham, Semma Botha Aagathey and Mr.Chandramouli. Film is going rock-steady in its 3rd weekend with a Super-Hit tag.

The success press meet of this ambitious project was held on Aarav Ravi (hero Jayam Ravi’s son) birthday on 29th June.

And yesterday (6th July) the team celebrated the success party with industry celebrities and well-wishers.

We believe new & interesting attempts like this have always pulled the attention of Tamil Cinema audience, if made with passion and proper care. Hope we get to see a lot of fresh genres in the near future.

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