A couple of weeks back, Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma got himself into an unnecessary controversy after he tweeted some witty remarks about Superstar Rajinikanth. Superstar's fans were not happy about it and they started posting hate messages to RGV on twitter. Yesterday, after the release of Rajinikanth's 'Kabali' trailer, the director shared the link to the video and tweeted in praise of Superstar. he tweeted, "KABALI is looking like BAHUBALI ka BAAP....one and only RAJNIKANT. No superstar except RAJNI sir can make a screen vibrate like this..I want to watch this film 4 times on 1st day. There's a reason why Rajnikant is RAJNIKANT...OUTSTANDING" We're wondering if Ram Gopal Varma is trying to please Thalaivar now, after saying all those unpleasant things?!