<p> Another promising venture comes from a team of newcomers as <em>Inayathalam</em> has been confirmed for release in the month of April.</p> <p> Going by the announcement, it is expected to get released by the third or fourth weekend of this month. The debutant directors always show a strong passion and innovation in their script.</p> <p> The title <em>Inayathalam</em> and the tag line, it&#39;s not revenge but justice obviously states that the film will revolve around online trolling and women who fall prey to those cyber criminals.</p> <p> Being a revenge film, it features a unique cast including Ganesh Venkatraman, Erode Mahesh, Swetha Menon and Sukanya. The movie is directed by Sankar and Suresh. It is produced by Anugraha art films.</p> <p> Let&#39;s hope they have a riveting story in store when the film gets released!</p>