I like men with clean feet: Poonam Bajwa

For a guy to make that perfect first impression on a gal, he has to have that certain X-factor that makes her swoon! So if you are trying to impress Poonam Bajwa,�you either get yourself a pedicure or a fine pair of shoes! Why? Because Poonam gives a lot of importance to feet hygiene.

“The first thing I look at in a guy, are his feet! Clean feet and toenails are a big turn on! Badly-maintained feet say that the guy is too shabby for my liking! It puts a big question on personal hygiene,” she explains, and�adds, “I also look at the nape of the neck! I like�neat, short hair styles on men!” Well, she’s got all her preferences set!

Watch out for Poonam Bajwa in Kacheri Aarambam opposite Jiiva and inThambikottai opposite Narain.