Billed as a black comedy heist thriller, Gulaebaghavali starring Prabhudeva and Hansika in lead roles is hitting screens today as a Pongal treat.

Gulaebaghavali directed by Kalyaan under the KJR Studios banner with music by the Vivek-Mervin duo has a talented supporting cast featuring names like Revathi, Anandaraj, Sathyan, Yogi Babu, Ramdoss, Motta Rajendran, Mansoor Ali Khan among others.

Meanwhile, it is now revealed that Gulaebaghavali is the first time Hansika has portrayed a character who has negative shades as she is said to be playing a thief.

Although she had displayed her histrionics playing a negative character to a relatively small extent in Bogan towards the climax when she gets possessed by a supernatural entity, Gulaebaghavali will see her delve further into it.

The talk for Gulaebaghavali has been exceptionally positive with the promotional material that’s come out so far with fans giving a double thumbs up all the way.