Ganesha Meendum Santhipom is a comedy-drama written and directed by Ratheesh Erate and it stars Prithvi Rajan, Devika Nambiyar, Singam Puli and IM Vijayan in lead roles. One of the main attractions of the film is the addition of the Bigg Boss sensational star Oviyaa. GMS is produced by Arun Vikraman Krishnan and the music for the film is done by NLG Sibi.

Prithvi Rajan is a small-time thief in Madurai who lives life along with Singam Puli and Devika Nambiyar. An issue breaks out between Prithvi Rajan and IM Vijayan who is a big thug in the city. This happens after Prithvi damages a bike which is a traditional idol of IM Vijayan’s family. How Prithivi manages to dodge from IM Vijayan and solves the issue, forms the rest of the story.

The story itself seems to be a big blunder as the complete first half makes no sense or even make a connect to the second half as many notable characters including Oviyaa are used in an aimless manner. The characters in the first half are just in there to prolong time. After gaining unimaginable popularity from the first season of the reality show Bigg Boss, Oviyaa has not done justice to the love and support she had gotten from her fans. Oviyaa could be credited for her bold attempt in 90 ML but GMS is a huge stride down for Oviyaa. Her role makes you wonder whether the makers have added her to the cast just to use her posters for the promotions. It is high time for Oviyaa to make some good choices and do some sensible roles at least for the sake of her fans.

There are no eye-catching performances from the stars in the film and the story might be a big reason for this given point. Devika Nambiyar, the lady lead does not give the feel of being a heroine with her performance and she has been given very less screen space. Pointing it out, Singam Puli who comes in the latter half trying hard to evoke laughs actually has more screen space than Devika Nambiyar. There are many noticeable second-tier names in the movie but none of the characters have any hold or purpose over the story. The villain - IM Vijayan’s role is similar to the one he did in Vishal’s Thimiru.

On the technical front, everything looks weak, right from the first frame. About the camera work, long shots seem to have been captured in a low resolution, giving an awful output. Dubbing looks out of sync for almost all the characters, throughout the film. The editing also did not help the cause of the film as the editor seems to have pushed the fast forward button whenever there happens to be a chase sequence and also in some fight scenes.

On the whole, Ganesha Meendum Santhipom is one of those amateurish films, which seems to have been made just for the sake of it. Even the title of the movie is completely out of sync and pointless to the context of the story. The team could have at least made an effort to come up with a befitting title, which shows the commitment level of the team and the result is evident.

 VERDICT: A Highly Boring Affair With Zero Engagement Factor!