The death of S. Anitha last year after she committed suicide for not being shortlisted for a medical college seat owing to the implementation of NEET in Tamil Nadu left the entire state in shock.

Celebrities from the Tamil film industry too expressed their grief upon hearing the news of Anitha’s death among whom, composer turned actor G. V. Prakash Kumar has been voicing strong opinions against NEET since then.

Meanwhile, GVP took to his Twitter page a short while back to tweet about a mobile application he has been developing with the help of his friends in the aim of lending support to aspiring students as well as not allow another death like Anitha to ever happen again.

Furthermore, G. V. Prakash has revealed he has brought together professors and experts together for the creation of this mobile app, which will be available to students in both Tamil and English in a few months time.

Team Galatta lauds GV Prakash’s noble efforts.

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