In a turn of events, it now looks like the Directors Union will mediate and solve the Iraivi issue amicably. Karthik Subburaj has submitted his explanation to the Union and a decision will be taken solve. At a recent press meet, the Union's managing members assured that the issue will be resolved soon.

The Pizza director has caught in the midst of a controversy ever since the release of Iraivi. It is alleged that Karthik had a fall out with his Jigarthanda producer Kathiresan which also delayed the film's release. Keeping this in mind, Karthik has etched the role of the villain keeping the producer in mind. This has not gone well with many producers including Gnanavelraja, who has co-produced Iraivi.

In a WhatsApp audio, Gnanavelraja has also condemned Karthik for his act and also said that the director promised them to complete the film in 7.5 crores but ended up in 13.5 crores. The Council is reportedly planning to issue a red card to the director or pay the budget overrun.