Dhanush is creating history with every movie. Back to back releases of Shamitabh and Anegan garnering positive response has moved his scale even more higher. He is a hard worker and an actor who goes to the edge of risks to bring life to a character.

In a recent interview, Dhanush's mother Vijayalakshmi Kasthuri Raja has mentioned that Dhanush never went for any acting or dance class. He was reluctant to act and it was his father who made him act in Thulluvatho Ilamai. Dhanush never takes his exams seriously and keeps roaming with friends but somehow manages to get marks, she says.

He is very attached to her and the family says the proud mother. She is both surprised and happy to see the growth and maturity in him as an actor and is equally happy that he acts only in front of the camera. She has also mentioned that Dhanush aspired to study Catering but destiny made him an actor.

He has already played a cook in Seedan. Will we get to see Dhanush playing a chef in future and compensate for the wish that went unfulfilled? Time has to answer.