Animal Planet, marking its 20th anniversary today (15 July), has unveiled new programming, new logo and Tamil audio channel, commencing from today. Being a channel that  brings us closer to the wildlife, Animal Planet aims to engulf the viewers with the life at the animal kingdom, thus kick starting their 20th anniversary celebrations. Dhanush, who claims himself that Animal Planet is his favorite channel, took this happy news to his Twitter and wrote, "இந்த வீடியோ என்னை ரொம்ப அசத்திடுச்சு என்னோட  favourite channel @animalplanetin இப்ப தமிழ்லயும் கிடைக்குது. நான்  ரொம்ப excitedடா இருக்கேன். அத நீங்க இன்னும் பாக்கலையா?  #APTurns20". Check it out!

As a part of the celebrations, the channel has incorporated the image of a leaping elephant and has planned to promote animal conservation in a huge way, thus aiming at galvanizing people.

Animal Planet revamped

This way the channel plans on bringing people up close to animals in every way possible, with content that traverses the bond forged between animal and human. Animal Planet also announced that they would sharpen their focus on blue-chip programming related to Indian wildlife.

Animal Planet still