The shootout at Tuticorin over the sterlite protests killing more than 10 people has sent shockwaves across the state with the common public as well as many from the Tamil film industry voicing strong opinions on the cruel act. Among them was Ragu.S (a) Kaaliyappan, a fan and member of actor Dhanush's welfare association. 

With the news of Ragu’s death reaching Dhanush, the actor took to his Twitter page a short while back to express his condolences to Ragu’s family.

When translated, Dhanush's tweet is as following: 

"The death of S.Ragu (a) Kaaliyappan, a member of my welfare club has deeply saddened me. At this moment, I want to express my my deepest condolences to his family. I shall visit his home and as soon as I return to India. I now pray to God for his soul to rest in peace."

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