Director Mani Ratnam is currently busy with the pre-production works of his dream project, Ponniyin Selvan, based out of the historical epic novel with the same name, penned by Kalki Krishnamoorthy. Meanwhile, there were wide rumours that started to spread last night after Mani Ratnam being spotted at a private hospital in Chennai. The speculations stated that the legendary director has been admitted to the hospital due to cardiac health issues and being treated by a set of doctors.

However, the news was brushed off as a rumour by Mani Ratnam's PR, Nikkil Murugan who took to his Twitter space to clarify that things are completely fine. He tweeted, "After a routine Check up Maniratnam sir back to office today with his routine work All is Well... @hasinimani @MadrasTalkies_" We also talked to the official spokesperson of Mani Ratnam who clarified on the issue in detail.

The spokesperson said, "It was a normal routine health check-up. He visited the hospital on a Sunday because he felt that the crowd will be comparatively lesser and it was also comfortable for him. He was in the office since morning and he is back again today (June 17). He is completely fine and we request the media not to speculate false rumours. Let this be a clarification from our side." Well, we hope this puts the rumours to rest.