Chalaki Chanti who has been acting in films like Thanu Vachenanta, Trivikraman, Romance with Finance, et all., has been injured in a freak car accident today, on June 18. It is said that the car has rammed into an immobile lorry while travelling from Vijayawada to Hyderabad. It has been learnt that everyone in the car has suffered minor injuries. Apparently the actor and the car driver were taken to nearby hospitals, provided with first aid and thankfully no major mishap occurred. Chalaki Chanti is the fifth actor from Tollywood actor to be injured in the span of a week.

Prior to Chalaki Chanti, it was reported that Varun Tej was injured while shooting for Valmiki, Jigarthanda remake, followed by Naga Shaurya fracturing his leg during an action sequence in his upcoming movie, Sundeep Kishan at his shooting spot involving a glass blast sequence and lastly, Sharwanand hurt his shoulder during the Skydiving training session.

Among them, Sundeep Kisan's injury seems to be a critical one because his left eye has been surfaced with a metal part and a lot of blood was lost. On the other hand Sharwanand seems to have suffered from shoulder dislocation and that he would be needing bed rest for over a month. Let us all hope for a speedy recovery for the leading heroes.