It is a big welcome change to Indian Cinema that many heroines are being offered interesting roles that they don't need a hero to save them or pamper them or rather guide them. The girls of today are wise to use every opportunity that balances their commercial and creative viability.

The latest happiest news is that Anushka Shetty's Bhaagamathie has a stupendous pre release business - a whopping 15 crore for Tamil dubbing and satellite rights, 2 months before the theatrical release. This is a big deal next to the magnum opus Baahubali, in which Anushka played the lead role. With this positive news, let us take a look at some of the movies that were heroine based and how much they made.

It is important to look at the business perspective because that is what will decide on how many directors and producers will come forward to make similar movies in the future. Having said that, it is not fair to rate these movies only on terms of the box office collection. We have the responsibility to respect and cherish them, isn't it?

Please note: The numbers specified are from the internet and the original figures may vary a little

1. 36 Vayadhinile
Budget - 3 crores
Collection - 10 crores 

2. Arundhati 
Budget - 13 crores
Collection - 45 crores

3. Neerja
Budget - 20 crores
Collection - 135 crores

4. Maya
Budget - 10 crores
Collection - 50 crores


5. English Vinglish
Budget - 11 crores
Collection - 78 crores

6. Queen
Budget - 12.5 crores
Collection - 108 crores

7. NH10
Budget - 13 crores
Collection - 33 crores

8. Mary Kom
Budget - 18 crores
Collection - 140 crores

9. Pink
Budget - 23 crores
Collection - 107.32 crores

10. Tumhari Sulu
Budget - 20 crores
Collection - 40 crores (still running in theatres)