One of the hottest programs on television, the Tamil reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil, is at present in its second season with many popular celebrities from the Tamil film industry as well as from other walks of life taking part. 

Bigg Boss Tamil

Likewise, actors Mahat and Yashika Aanand are included in this second edition of Bigg Boss with many pairing the two after they were spotted being close together.

Mahat and Yashika in Bigg Boss Tamil 2

Although Mahat went on to initially deny any feelings for Yashika, he has now confessed he does have love her.

Up until now, Prachi Mishra, Mahat’s girlfriend had been defending him. However, post the recent development, she took to her Instagram page to express her feelings in which she went on to state she would speak with him once he comes out of the house while also including a video which saw her along with Mahat before he entered the Bigg Boss house. 


This is how #mahat went inside the house, I sent someone whom I love and we planned our life around the big boss timing etc. I am making my personal life public so that ppl who are bombarding my social media with msgs of sympathy or filthy things - plz know one thing that mahat Went inside Like this! He was in love and I still am.... To answer everyone - I am not with him anymore, but I will meet him in Person and discuss everything. He is in love with Yashika and that’s open now, I am hurt but this will not change my life and I will take care of myself. He is mean to Mumtaz and his only well wisher janani , he is not standing for her too! It’s a humble Request to everyone plz stop asking me anything about him, thank you for all the msgs and concern that you have shown, it’s my personal life and I will take care. I AM NOT WITH MAHAT SO PLS LEAVE MY SOCIAL MEDIA FOR MY WORK oiiiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½™iiiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½oiiiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iiiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iiiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iiii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½iii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½ Thank you

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