Gayathri Raghuram who hit the headlines after entering TV reality show Bigg Boss Season 1, is currently being part of the political party BJP. She is a popular choreographer turned actress in Kollywood.

Today, Udhayanidhi Stalin came up with the smashing statement that he will join BJP if TNBJYW president proves that he is part of DMK’s trust. His tweet stated, “If u can prove that I am a trustee in DMKs trust.. I will join BJP the worst punishment possible!”

Gayathri took to her twitter handle and asked the actor not to reply to this attention seekers. Her tweet as follows, “Please sir don’t reply to these guys they r bunch of ppl attention seeking and I know who they r. They r climbers. These ppl paid to have so many followers. He is just another meme and troll. They stoop to any level to seek attention. some from TNBJYM lairs there is one gang.”