The first promo of today's (July 12) episode from Bigg Boss 3 Tamil, is out and it is indeed filled with hot conversations and arguments. It looks like Vanitha Vijayakumar and controversies go hand in hand because whenever there is something spicy or controversial happening, you obviously see Vanitha in the scene. This promo showcases Vanitha arguing with Tharshan. From the promo, it looks like the housemates are doing a task, a game probably, and in that, a difference of opinion has occured between the two.

BB Tharshan

While Tharshan says Vanitha didn't play to the spirit of the game, Vanitha opposes him and asks him to keep his opinions to himself. Furthermore, Vanitha adds that she has to know if she really did a mistake as Tharshan says, and she calls Bigg Boss to sort it out. In the end, she says, if there is no proper answer, she will have to leave the game.

BB Abhirami

This has indeed got a mixed response from the audience and it is sure to become viral on social media. Catch the heated promo below these images: 

Bigg boss 3